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For a complete listing sorted by date of ALL of the activities in the Arthur Check OUR ACTIVITY CALENDAR here for a taste of what is happening around Illinois Amish Country and Arthur…

Cutting the 300 lb wheel of cheddar.

Cutting the 300 lb wheel of cheddar.

There are so many special events going on around Amish Country, you’ll find plenty to do anytime you choose to visit Arthur.

Spring BalloonsWe are often asked how we put together so many events. The answer is that we have a lot of involved and caring local folks who have a lot of fun doing them.

We have fairs and festivals, blue grass jams and “opry style” shows, craft shows, quilt shows, BBQ competitions, auctions and many benefit events, ball tournaments, historical reenactments, professional theater, bicycle tours, antique shows, and much, much more. Bicycle Tour

We, of course slow down a bit in January and February, when we have only 2-3 events each month… and when we can get outside, we ramp up to the summer and early fall seasons where you can choose between separate events practically every day! national cheese eating contest

Listed below are some of our major events… just those here in Arthur. They are generally listed in chronologic order… spring to markets

And there are so many more worthy and fun activities going on all the time just here in Arthur, that we can’t list them separately there on the right side. We have to consider them as secondary events and list them in our main calendar. Now throw in the many, many more events going on across Illinois Amish Country and the neighboring areas and nearby towns… all within a couple of miles, and you will find plenty…PLENTY… of things to do that are right up your alley.BBQ'd Hog